Today when I started my Windows Live Writer it fails to start and throws me an error saying it Cannot Access Disposed Object on startup. I try to repair Windows Essential but it fails, then I took back up of all my accounts and uninstall Live Essential and re-installed but again I got same error.


Then after some tweaking and digging I found that this error occurs due to the corrupted registry entries, you can repair your registry if you know but I suggest you not to go with this option as it might corrupt other live essential products too.

So to fix what you can do is :-

  • First take backup of all your Windows Live Writers accounts, theme, and posts using Live Writer backup,
  • Now once you had backup type regedit in your run command and navigate to :-

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows LiveWriterWeblogs

  • Under this key you will find several sub-keys, based on your accounts which you had added in your Live Writer,


  • Just delete all these sub-keys and close Registry Editor and re-launch your Live Writer,
  • It will load without any error and ask you to add blogs, as we had deleted all,
  • You can restore all accounts using Live Writer Backup tool which we used to backup your Live Writer data.


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