Suppose you are covering a live event say a press conference by Apple Or Microsoft Or by Google, at that time you had to update your blog post with the latest news which are being announced by the company. There are heavy and costly script available which can turn your blog into live blog but if you are using WordPress platform then you can do this for free.

Actually in live blog you publish or post lest stories on the same page, WordPress itself has released a plugin liveblog which can turn any post into live. All you need to do is download and install this plugin on your server, and then activate it from your WordPress Admin panel.

Once you activate it, create a new post or edit any existing one, you will see a option of This Is Live Blog, just check that option and update or publish your post.


Once published open the published article and you will see a New Entry option, you just need to type anything which you want to share with your readers and click on Publish Update.


The best about this plugin is that it automatically update page for your readers so that they don’t need to refresh page or come again and again to see latest update.


Overall this plugin is simple to use and very useful if you cover any news event. Here are its features :-

  • Post updates right from the front-end of your site (no need to use the /wp-admin dashboard)
  • Viewers of your Liveblog get new entries served to them instantly and automatically, without needing to refresh their browser.
  • Your authors can drag-and-drop photos right into the Liveblog area, without needing to navigate to separate browser tabs or windows.
  • There’s no need for a separate site dedicated to liveblogging: every post can be a liveblog, even existing ones.



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