Mozilla has released the first beta version of its upcoming browser Firefox 4.0,Mozilla has already released so many Alpha builds.

Mozilla has officially released the First Beta version and it is available for public.

Here are some major changes which were made by Mozilla team in this version:-

  • Mozilla has added a Feedback button just next to Search bar.
  • Switch to tab feature is added which allows you to switch to another tab just typing the name of tab in your address bar.
  • Tab are on TOP by default for Windows Users,Which can be customize,
  • There is a Firefox button for Windows Vista & Windows 7 users instead of Menu bar,
  • New Addon Manger is added which open in a tab instead of POP-UP window,
  • There is a Bookmark button instead of Book mark toolbar,
  • The Stop and Reload button are merge to single like we have in OPERA
  • Crash protection for Windows, Linux, and Mac when there is a crash plugins.

Ypu may use following link to download it:-


Releasing Notes