Saturday, May 28, 2022

Install Google Chrome Extension On Opera 15

Recently Opera has ditched its Presto rendering engine and Adopted WebKit rendering engine for its browser. Opera has released Opera 15 which is powered by new rendering engine, it’s the same...

Evernote Web Clipper and Clearly Finally Arives On Opera

Evernote is one of the most used note taking app, it easy to take note on it and most important thing is that is supports almost all platforms like Windows, Mac...

Opera Released Opera Mail For Windows And Mac

It seems Opera is going to make some major changes in its Opera browser in coming future, as last month they had announced that they will use new Blink rendering engine...

Opera Setup Extract Files Instead Of Installing On Double Click

Recently we get a mail from our reader and he says that Opera wont install updates but it just extract some files, lets see how to fix it.

BackUp And Restore Opera Data With STU’s Opera Setting

Many times we need to make a backup of all settings, session, history, typed URL and so on. Opera link allows you to backup many things on cloud but if you wanna full backup then this tool is for you.

Google Chrome Overtakes IE And Becomes Most Used Web Browser

Google Chrome has ended the era of Microsoft Internet Explorer and now becomes the most used web browser in the world

Opera 12 aka Wahoo Build 1380 Released

Opera team has released another snapshot of their upcoming version of Opera 12, It uses DirectX backend. Most users on Vista and Windows 7 will by default use this backend instead of the OpenGL backend for performance and stability reasons.

Download Portable Version Of Opera

Download Your favorite web browser, Opera as a portable app and carry it in your USB drive anywhere and use it freely.

Opera 12 aka Wahoo Build 1359 Released

Opera team has updated their web browser’s alpha version and released the latest build with some changes.

Opera 12 aka Wahoo Alpha Build 1328 Released

Opera team has updated their web browser's alpha version and released the latest build with some changes.


Make Your Windows Xp Super Fast

Do you know that Windows keeps running many programs in background and some of them are almost useless but as they are running they...