Last month there were news that Microsoft is planning to launch first major update for its latest operating system, the Windows 10 Fall update sometime this week, and to true to the news company has released this update for its users and this update brings several enhancement and features to board, one of the feature is the Cortana, Microsoft voice assistant tool to India.

Windows 10 Start Menu

Along with bug fixes, a new feature which this update brings is that now you will be able activate Windows 10 using the product key of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, as earlier you were required to rollback to the older version of OS to get free Windows 10 update.

Now you can add up to 4 wide tiles on Start Menu which means total of 2,048 tiles, company has also added a new section of Suggested apps which will suggest you apps on the basis of apps you had installed or some other relevant apps which you might like to install and use.

And the big this is that Cortana has finally made its way to India and now its available here as well, now you will be to book movie tickets using BookMyShow, it can tell your horoscope, or you can ask Cortana to take your selfie and lots more can be done using Cortana.


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