Everyone loves music and if you are on the go or going to some picnic then you might want to carry your music with you so that you can enjoy your favorite songs, nowadays smartphones comes with powerful speakers but a speaker work can be done by a speaker only. Today we had got KitSound BoomBar Bluetooth Speaker with us for review. Lets check out what it has and how it performs.


Inbox Contents Of KitSound BoomBar Bluetooth Speaker :-

This speakers comes in a standard box but when you open box you will get speaker and other accessories in a nice carry case. In box you will get :-


  • Portable Wireless Speaker,
  • A plastic coin size stand,
  • Carry Case,
  • Charging cable
  • 3.5mm Or AUX cable
  • Battery

Build And Design Of KitSound BoomBar Bluetooth Speaker :-

The front side of speaker is almost covered with metal grill which hides two 2 watt speakers and a sub-woofer. Just next to metal grill you will find 3 plastic buttons to control speaker, the top one is to Skip Song Or Volume Up, middle is to Play or pause songs, then there is a Skip Songs or Volume Down button and below buttons you will find a LED light. On left side there is nothing just a KitSound logo, on right you will find bunch of options, there is a slide button to On or Off speaker, and AUX jack to play song over none Bluetooth devices via 3.5MM audio cable which comes in box, then there is a MINI USB port for charging device and at last you will find Mic so that you can accept calls, Play and Pause button can be used to accept calls.



Back of KitSound BoomBar Bluetooth Speaker has rubberized finish which feels nice in hands, there is a battery compartment, you have to put battery in it, below battery there is a slot for plastic disk stand. Even after putting battery this speaker feels light in hand.


Usage Of KitSound Boombar Bluetooth Speaker :-

To test this thing up we first charged it, as its manual says we have to charge it for three hours but it only took an hour to get it charge. Once its fully charged we had paired it with our Nokia Lumia 1020, pairing took hardly 20 seconds, its manual says on fully charge it can play song for 20 hours, we played song for 10 hours and it played without any issue which is good. If you don’t have bluetooth enabled device then you can use supplied 3.5 MM AUX cable.

This speaker comes with built-in passive radiator which extends its bass response of two speaker and produced impressive sound out of them. Due to its impressive design you can either put it flat or you can use plastic disk stand supplied with it and then it will give directional sound.

When we played music on KitSound BoomBar Bluetooth Speaker, it gave impressive sound but at some point when we put sound at high level we found sound a bit distorted. Its on-board controls just worked fine, we even accepted calls on it and were able to talk without any issue at all.

Pros :-

  • Nice design
  • Comes with nice carry case
  • Nice sound quality
  • Removable battery
  • Easy pairing

Cons :-

  • Some distortion at high volume

Final Verdict On KitSound Boombar Bluetooth Speaker :-

KitSound Boombar Bluetooth Speaker is a nice and inexpensive speaker which is light weight, its easy to carry as it comes with nice carry case in which all accessories along with speaker can fit and keep all things together. It has a replaceable battery which is something good and I had never seen such things in these kind of speakers. We also loved its disk stand which is small but useful.

This speaker comes at the cost of $42.49 at MobileFun.

KitSound BoomBar Bluetooth Speaker
Reviewed by Rahul Sharma on August 17 2014
Rating: 4.5


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