Technology has surely made our life easier and simpler, technology has changed the way we do shopping or purchases things, nowadays you can do shopping right from your phone or from desktop and you always have the option to pay online using your Debit/Credit card or you can pay via your internet banking as well, but when you make online transaction, it always hard to keep eye on your expenses, yes you can do it by checking your bank statement, but what if you have multiple accounts?

Money View

Money View is a free app which uses information from SMSes sent from banks, merchants and other billers; auto tracks, monitors and analyses the incomes and spends of you. The app is very much secure as it never reads any sensitive data – no full bank account numbers, no OTP, and no Netbanking login/password.

Money View Bills

It also allows you to keep track of all your bills which you need to pay soon, so that you always know which bill’s due date is coming soon and you need to make payment of those very soon, an you can make payment of those bills right from the app using your netbanking or debit/credit card.

The best part of this app which we like is that this app can easily track expenses and balances across all your bank accounts and credit cards, which is quite good as now you dont have to look into different bank statements, now you will get all information at single place.

Overall app seems good and its fast as well, it reads all information from your SMSes but if your bank does not send SMS notifications, then this app is useless for you.


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