Manzana Introduced New Range Of High Quality Audio And Music Accessories

Manzan, a company backed by Savera Marketing has entered into Indian audio and music accessories market by launching the new range of high-quality audio systems which includes Speakers and Headphone’s. Manzana has launched new audio range Blu Megatone (Bluetooth speaker), Stormer (2.1 Multimedia speaker), Blu Tuney (2.1 Bluetooth speaker) & Hang On (Headphone), the price of these products starts from Rs. 665 and goes up to Rs. 2850.

Blu Tuney is a portable Bluetooth speaker which is available in three lively and vibrant colors, due to its portability, you can carry it easily and it makes it travel-friendly as well. You can connect your smartphone, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled devices with it and play music wirelessly. It houses a 1500 mAh Lithium Ion battery, which allows you to enjoy music for up to 8-10 hours, it also comes with built-in mic which lets you take calls easily.

Blu Tuney

Stormer is 2.1 multimedia speakers which come with one 5-inch wooden woofer & two 3-inch satellite for ultimate sound experience. It is compatible with USB Pen Drive, SD/MMC card, PC, laptop with FM/radio. It features bright and clear display, powerful bass with voice prompt function, which makes music playback effortless. It also has digital volume control and high quality remote control.


Blu Megatone is a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker which comes in a wooden body to provide the premium look and feel, it has got a 5-inch wooden woofer and two 3 inch wooden speakers which not only provides richer sound but also comes with a powerful base. There is display panel as well, and with remote control, you will be able to control speaker without any hassle.

Blu Megatone

Hang on Headphones are over-head headphones which come with 3.5mm audio jack which lets you connect it to PC, laptop, smartphone or music player. They feature over-ear cushions which feel soft and provide powerful and crystal clear bass sound.

HangOn Headphone

Price :-

Blu Megatone (2.1 Bluetooth speaker) – 2850/- + VAT
Stormer (2.1 Multimedia speaker) – 2500/- + VAT
Blu Tuney (Bluetooth speaker) – 1250/- +VAT
Hang On (Headphone) – 585/- + VAT
Hang On (Headphone)with Mic – 665/- +VAT

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