Duolingo , the world’s largest online language education platform has entered India and announced Duolingo App in Hindi which allows Hindi users to learn English and other languages very easily. Company has also said that the experience completely customised for Hindi speakers. This app will be available on all major platform like Android, iOS, Web, and for Windows Phone platform as well.


As said before, it is customized for users, and customizations include reducing the size of the app to reduce the amount of memory required to install it, removing the need to type in Hindi, improving the placement test experience to help people quickly determine their proficiency level and customizing the content to make it more appealing to Hindi speakers. Hindi speakers can learn English with Duolingo, while Indian natives who already speak English can choose from 16 other languages.

Users can visit their respective play stores like Google Play on Android, App Store on iOS, MarketPlace on Windows Phone, or you can also directly visit the web platform to get started with it.

Luis von Ahn stated, “In developing markets like India, learning English is crucial to people’s professional development and can double or triple their income potential. Our goal is to give everyone in India the best possible language education money can buy, but for free.”

Awaneesh Verma, Product Head at Duolingo , said, “Being an Indian myself, I am excited to say that India is an integral part of Duolingo’s growth strategy. Hindi is the most widely spoken language in the country, hence we are focused on Hindi speakers first, but we plan on launching the app in other languages as well.”


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