At the ongoing Mobile World Congress, the China-based smartphone maker, Oppo has announced a couple of new technologies which is going to make your experience richer in the future. Oppo has announced two major technologies which are Super VOCC which allows you to fastly charge your smartphone, and other is world’s first SmartSensor Image Stabilization which is better than the standard Optical Image stabilization.

Oppo Super VOCC Charging

Super VOOC Flash Charge is the improved version of VOOC Flash Charge which was introduced by OPPO in 2014 and now used by 18 million consumers worldwide. VOOC Flash Charge allows users to get 2 hours of talk after just 5 minutes of charging. Super VOOC takes it to the next level, offering a full 10 hours of talk time with only five minutes of charging, and filling a 2500 mAh battery in just flat 15 minutes.

Super VOOC Flash Charge uses a 5V low-voltage pulse-charge algorithm, ensuring a low-temperature charge that’s safe for the battery and dynamically regulating the current to charge the phone in the shortest time possible. The all-new algorithm pairs with a customized super battery, as well as a new adapter, cable and connector made using premium, military-grade materials. Super VOOC Flash Charge supports Micro USB or type-C interfaces, in line with the global standard.

Optical image stabilization technologies come in two types, lens-based and sensor-based, but due to the size limitations of smartphones, we had only seen lens-based in smartphone’s, but now using MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system), OPPO’s SmartSensor is the first-ever sensor-based solution for smartphones, as well as the smallest optical image stabilizer of any kind in the world.

SmartSensor improves on other solutions with a key advantage. Existing lens-based stablizers can only correct for vibrations on two axes of motions, the pitch axis and yaw axis, even though the most common type of unwanted shaking during photography actually takes place on the roll axis. SmartSensor solves this problem, allowing for image stabilization on three axes, pitch, yaw and the all-important roll. Making split-second adjustments with its comb-shaped monocrystalline silicon MEMS, SmartSensor achieves full three-axis image stabilization in a mere 15 milliseconds.


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