Many times we need to share files with our friends quickly, for this you might upload files to your online account like SkyDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox and then share URL with them, but it’s time consuming effort.


If you want to share files quickly then CloudUp could be handful for you as it allows you to share files by just dragging and dropping on your notification area on Windows or on menubar on your Mac and they are instantly send to your CloudUp account.

You can also drag and drop whole folders and upload to cloud. Once you drag and drop files to your CloudUp icon, a link will be copied on your clipboard which you can share with friends on IMs, email, and so on.

The thing which we like is that it will generates secret but public URL even while files are being uploaded so that there should be not waiting time for you. Additionally you can add password and protect your shared files.

Currently CloudUp is in Beta phase and not open for all, however you can register and add yourself to waiting list, once they open invite you will get notified via email.

CloudUp allows you to share up to 10 files a day with maximum size of a file can be 25 MB. You can also upload files via your context menu or right click  on files or folders.


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