Last month Samsung has launched its flagship device, the Galaxy S6, now rumors for Samsung Galaxy note 5 are coming and it is reportedly slated to release in September this year but there has been a lot of buzz and rumors regarding the same. The latest that we’ve heard is that it is based on Ultra HD technology. And if this happens, then it will push Samsung ahead of the iPhone range. The production of Note 5 is expected to start in August.

Samsung Galaxy S6


It will in all probability feature Samsung’s proprietary Exynos technology as even for their S6 range, Samsung manufactured its own Exynos SoC which is a 64-bit CPU that is very powerful and as the first mobile chip that made use of the 14nm fabrication process. Now, it seems unlikely that considering the amount of investment that must have gone into the creation of these chips that it won’t use the same chip as S6. The reports also suggest that Galaxy Note 5 will have wireless technology. It is also likely that Note 5 will have collaboration with virtual reality projects.


According to the website, Note 5 will have two versions. The regular one will have a 5.89-inch display and the other one will feature a dual-edge screen measuring about 5.78 inches. Other rumored features in it are fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, scratch and dust resistant, heart rate monitor etc. It might also have a curved display.  Roh Tae-moon, executive vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team said “there is a possibility that Samsung will introduce the curved display for the Galaxy Note lineup.”


One of the most significant things that Samsung will have to take care of will be to ensure that the battery life of Note 5 is good enough as a 4K screen will consume battery life rapidly. And the experts are speculating that it will have a 4,000mAh battery. This means there will be an increase of more than 20 per cent over the 3.220mAh battery which was there in Note 4.


When it comes to camera, it can’t afford to lag behind. And analysts are expecting Note 5 to feature the first ever 20 MP camera in a Samsung mobile device. There might also be an additional 5 MP front-facing camera that will enable the users to take good quality selfies.

Galaxy S6 range basis of Note 5

Reportedly, Galaxy S6 range might prove to be the basis of Note 5. Even in terms of design, Note 5’s look might be similar to Galaxy S6 featuring a metal body with a glass rear. Or there is a possibility that Note 5 retains a design that is almost similar to Note 4, having a metal body but a removable plastic rear.

Samsung Pay

The feature of Samsung Pay, a mobile paying app, will also be most likely available. Samsung Pay enables users to pay bills with card without even taking them out from your pocket and has a two level safety feature that will make the transactions secure. Apart from this, some of its other features are that it will be protected by corning Gorilla glass. It is also touted to be the lightest in the note series and will also have an octa core processor. It will also have a 3D image recording facility. There are also rumors that suggest if the company releases Note 5, it will launch it along with Galaxy Note 5 Edge or Note Edge 2.


Price could be a game changing factor for Samsung, in past we have seen that Samsung has adopted an aggressive pricing model and when they had launched Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Note they set price very nicely as compared with its last year launches.


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