Google Books is a nice place from Google which allows you to read eBooks online, there are lots of book, some are free and some are paid one, you can read free ones online and you can order paid one to purchase or you can get printed those.

But the main problem is that you cant download any eBook from there, you can only have access if you are online, But many times we need to read books when we are not online, in this case you can use Free Google Books Downloader, its an easy to use freeware tool which allows you to download any free eBook from Google Books.

To use this app all you need to do is copy the URL of that Free eBook which you wanna download and then paste in it, and then click on Download button.


Now wait a bit and it will download your eBook within few minutes, once downloaded you can open downloaded folder and have access to eBook when you are offline.




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