AeroWeather is a nice app which bring a new feel to your Windows 7/Windows Vista pc,It is a free and very small utility which checks the whether of your city and changes the Aero color of your theme according to the weather condition of your city.

All you need to do is just enter the zip code of your city and the app will keep checking the weather condition and changes the theme color.


You can customize the color range between 0 to 100.Maximum temperature will give red color and minimum will provide purple, grey if it’s cloudy, blue if it’s sunny, white if it’s snowing, dark grey if it’s raining and you will see many other between the color range.

It also feature Night Mode, means it will automatically dims your aero at night and brightens them when the sun rises the next day.

Requirement :-

  • Windows Vista Or Windows 7 with Windows Aero enabled,
  • .NET Framework 3.5 Or higher.

You may use following link to download and install it :-

Download Link

More Info



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