Few days ago I was thinking how much email I use to send and for how many of them I got reply and them how much time I take to reply them. I was just digging internet but then I came to know about Gmail Meter. Its an easy to use script written on Google Apps Script.

Once you install it you will get detail report about the usage of your Gmail account, You will get following things like:-

Volume Statistics :-


Here you will be able to see how many important emails you got, how many were starred, How many email you had sent and so on.

Top Sender And Top Recipients :-


Here you will be able to see the top 5 senders who had emailed you and top 5 recipients too to whom you had send email.

Daily Traffic :-


In this section you will see how many emails are sent by you and how many you had received, all data is shown in nice chart form which allows you to understand it easily.

Email Categories :-


Here you will see in which category you had how many emails.

How to Install Gmail Meter?

To install Gmail meter first open your Google Docs account and create a new Spreadsheet, Now on spreadsheet click on Tools and then click on Script Gallery and then search for Gmail Script and install it.


As you are using it first time then it will ask you to Authorize it, just click on Authorize button so that it can access your account details.


Now you will find a new option on your Spreadsheet toolbar, just click on Gmail Meter and then click on Get A Report.


Now you cab choose the type of report you wanna generate, it might take sometime to prepare your report, once your report is prepared you will get email notification.



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