We had already told you that a new bootscreen is found in the latest Milestone 3 of Windows 8. Bootscreen is very similar to the one which we had seen in Windows 7 Beta versions.

Now if you wanna that bootscreen in your current Windows 7 then you can get it very easily all you have to do is follow the steps and you are done :-

  • First you need to download the Windows 7 Boot Updater from HERE,
  • Now download the Betta Fish bootscreen Package from HERE and extract it,
  • Now run Win7BootUpdater.exe,
  • Now in Animation select Static Animation and the a browse dialog box comes select animation.png which can be found in the package you downloaded,
  • Now in Method select Complete and then click on Select Background button and select boot screen.png,


  • Do the same in Resuming and then click on Apply,
  • That’s it now on next boot you will find Betta BootScreen

Thanks To Vishal For Sharing This