Interface of Google Chrome is very minimal which is a plus point as compared with other browser’s in town. If you tool liked the interface of Google Chrome then here is a good news. You can get same Tab like feature in your Windows Explorer.

We had already shared TabExplorer which too allows you to have tabbed feature in your Explorer, but Clover allows you to have Google Chrome like tabs in your explorer.


Once you install this freeware app you will get chrome like tabs, this app not only provides tabs features but you can also bookmark any directory so that you can quickly access it later. You can use Ctrl+D shortcut to bookmark any folder or directory.


To master the powerful, just remember that Ctrl + T to open the page, and Ctrl + W close the page, Ctrl + Tab to switch pages shortcuts.

Once you install Clover, it will register itself in your registry and whenever you open your explorer Clover is loaded by default.

We had tested it in Windows 7 and Windows 8 and it worked fine.



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