Recently Microsoft has launched Windows 8 for TechNet and MSDN users, Due to slow server of Microsoft it took me long time to download my copy, anyways Windows 8 comes with some nice features like tile interface, Start Screen, Switcher (Top-Left Corner), Charm Bar and so on.

But many guys are not liking Start Screen as they want to load Desktop as soon as they boot, on the other hand many guys are not liking Charm Bar and Switcher as they get confuse if they mistakenly place mouse at corner.

Skip Metro Suite is a freeware tool which allows you to disable Start Screen, Charm Bar, And Switcher by just one click. Just download and install this app.

After installing launch app and just check the box which you wanna disable and it will disable that option for you.

Note:- It wont disable Charm Bar but it disable Charm Bar Hint, means when you hover your mouse to top-right corner you wont get charm bar hint but if you take your mouse to top-right and move downwards charm will appear.



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