Asus Lolliflash And ZenEar launched, Prices Rs 699 Onward

Earlier this year, in the month of April Asus has showcased accessories for its smartphone, ZenFone 2 (Review) and the at ZenFestival company has launched these accessories, now today company has announced the availability of two accessories, the Asus Lolliflash And ZenEar in India and their price start from Rs. 6,99 and these accessories will be available with Asus exclusive stores and as well as e-commerce sites.

Asus ZenEar

ZenEar is a fusion of driver technologies and Sonic Master 2.0 to provide sophisticated audio output, company has designed earphones in such way that it fits perfectly into the user’s ears and effectively absorb reflected sound, reducing distortion and restore more music details. It consists of a Patented Damping System and Transmission Tube designed to deliver crystal clear and detailed sound. ASUS ZenEar will be available to consumers starting at Rs. 699.

Asus LolliFlash

Asus Lolliflash is a Lollipop shaped dual-tone LED torch for smartphones which will be available in five colors,  White, Blue, Black, Red & Yellow, it acts as a dual tone torch as it does not sync with smartphone, it supports brightness level, low, medium and high.

Lolliflash acts as a separate ‘fill-in’ light and allows you to take images in low light conditions, it comes with 3.7V 65mAh battery to which Asus claims is good enough for three hours on a single charge, it will be available for Rs. 8,99

Riya Malhotra

Riya is an student of B.Tech and she loves everything related to technology, she is the best example for those who says girls are not tech savy. At this time she has 4 smartphones and she always love to play with them, she always keep track of what latest is happening in mobile world, which latest smartphone is in market and what it can do better from other’s.

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