Many times we need to share some files with our friends or collogue which might contains some sensitive data into it and if it gets into wrong hand then you might suffered a lot.

Then in this case the best option is to encrypt your files so that if anyone else get your file then he won be able to open it and see what it has, but some encryption tools are costly and techy.

Here is a free and easy to use tool HandyEncrypt allows you to encrypt your files and put a password on them, then you can share it with anyone and unless correct password is provided no one will be able to read that file.

To use it, just download and launch this app, you will see to options, click on lock to encrypt your file, as you click a dialog box pop-up, just select your file which you want to encrypt and then select the desired folder where you wanna save encrypted file and provide a password.


When you wanna decrypt your file click on Key icon and then provide correct password to it and you will get your file.

To know more take a look at the video below :-


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