How To Create A Torrent File?

We all are well aware of Torrents,It is used to share large files over the world.It is also called BitTorrent.Torrent file is just of few KiloBytes but it contains large file which can be downloaded by using any BitTorrent Client.

Many guys often ask me HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN TORRENT FILE??

Creating a torrent file is very simple,Let us see how to do it:-

  • Open your BitTorrent Client and click on File -> Create New Torrent Or just press Ctrl + N
  • Now here if you need to add only one file then you can Choose Add File or if you are having more than one file and you want to add a folder then choose Add Directory

  • Now in the field of Trackers you can add any tracker which you like but if you dont know anyone then here are some good torrent trackers

  • Now in Comment field write any comment which you want and then check Start Seeding box and then click on Create And Save As
  • Now Upload your torrents to any bittorreent site and then download it and start seeding