Remove Facebook’s Floating Toolbar And Ticker Update [Google Chrome]

Facebook is going through many new changes, as you know that Facebook is going to implement new timeline feature which is being in roll out process.

Sometime back Facebook has implemented a change which is nice, as per me, they had added a fixed floating toolbar which allows you to quickly move to your Profile Page, Homepage, Setting or Logout from Facebook.

If you scroll down to page that toolbar moves with you, its fixed and float as you scroll down the page.

But some users are not linking it and they want their old interface back, it may be due to any reason, like they are not liking it.

Another update which Facebook has made is that they had put an ticker update at the right side which keeps updating itself periodically.


If you want to disable these two annoying Facebook updates then you can install Unannoying Facebook extension for Google Chrome which will disable these two annoying things.

After installing and reloading Facebook you will find that your fixed floating toolbar is gone and there is no more ticker updates.

Install Unannoying Facebook