Friday, February 21, 2020

Why Opera Don’t Support Facebook Video Chat

Facebook has released Video Chat almost a week back and it is used by many users, If you are Opera fan like me then you must be disappointed. If you...

How To Add Home Button In Opera 12 Pre Alpha

Yesterday we had told you that Opera team has released Pre Alpha version of Opera 12 aka Wahoo. As I am testing this version one thing I find missing is...

Opera 12 aka Wahoo Pre-Alpha Version Out

Its been hardly a week when Opera team has released Opera 11.50 and more than 32 Million downloads were made which made it one of the most successful launch ever. ...

Remove Or Customize Google’s Black Bar

Few days back Google has made a change in its homepage, they had put a black bar on the top, the bar is present in Google homepage from a long time...

Now Opera Supports Google Instant Search

Its been a long time when Google has released its instant search which allows you to get search results as you type in the search box. Instant search is supported by almost...

Opera 11.50 aka Swordfish Beta Build 1037 Released

Opera Team has released another Beta build 1037 of its upcoming browser Opera 11.50 aka Swordfish. According to Opera team, this build features improvements to the overall layout of Speed Dial as...

Opera 11.50 aka Swordfish Beta Released

Opera team has released the first Beta ,build 1035, version of its upcoming browser Opera 11.50 aka Swordfish. Opera team has managed to fix the POST search problem  but Speed Dial problem...

Opera 11.50 aka Swordfish Beta Version Out

Opera team has released the beta version of its upcoming Opera 11.50 Beta aka Swordfish. There are several new things in the beta like Speed Dial extensions, password synchronization through Opera Link,...

Opera 11.11 Final Version Released

Opera Desktop Team has released the final version of Opera 11.11 aka Swordfish, this is an recommended upgrade offering security and stability enhancements. Following changes have been made in it :- User interface...

Alpha version Of Opera 11.5 aka Swordfish Released

Opera team has released the first Alpha version of its upcoming browser Opera 11.5 aka Swordfish. There are 3 features in focus here:Opera Next, basically a dev channel for snapshots Password synchronization Speed Dial...


Microsoft Band, A Fitness Tracker Launched At $199

Microsoft has announced its fitness tracker, Microsoft Band which can work as fitness tracker and smartwatch. It is priced $199 and will be available from tomorrow.