Opera is one of the most popular web browser for smartphone. Recently Opera has launched stable version of Opera 20 for Android users which comes with WebRTC (web real time communications), which means you can start video calling or video chatting right from your web browser.


Chrome and Firefox has already added this feature in their web browser last year and Opera has too joined the league. Last month Opera has added WebRTC feature in its Beta version.

Opera is already offering WebRTC in desktop version from last year and now they had introduced this feature in mobile app. WebRTC APIs allows users to make video calling without installing any plugin. WebRTC uses JavaScript APIs and HTML5 to access mic and camera of device.

To test this feature you  you can head to appear.in, get an address for your video conference and share it with friends, you would not need any special app, and you can get up to eight people can chat from their Android phones or computers, at the same time.

With the ability to access camera and mic it might a risk for privacy too, for this Opera has said that browser will inform user whenever camera and microphone is in use via on screen requests.


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