If you are an Opera Beta tester or developer then here is a new beta version of Opera 12 aka Wahoo build 1359.

In this new snapshot there are several hardware acceleration fixes and we also introduce the new opera:cpu page. With this great, new feature you can keep track of which tabs are stealing all your CPU cycles.

Changelog :-

  • All fixes from 11.62 included
  • Multiple crash fixes
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • SVG radial gradients are rendered incorrectly
  • SVG mask transparency doesn’t work
  • Partially repeating patterns don’t work on canvas
  • Clipping text is broken in canvas
  • Box-shadow fails with hardware accerlation if blur distance covers entire box
  • Some SVG color filters in combination with gradients do not work correctly
  • SVG  with clipPathUnits=”userSpaceOnUse” is clipped incorrectly
  • Background image rendering errors on body background (dilbert.com)
  • SVG masking doesn’t work correctly
  • Black antialiasing with hardware back end
  • Garbage is painted when radial gradient is used as background-image
  • Non-repeating background image bleeding when zoom > 100% on Linux/FreeBSD
  • Radial gradient animation flickers
  • Transformed border-image is clipped incorrectly
  • -o-crisp-edges broken
  • SVG masking can fail on graphic cards with low multisampling quality
  • Plugins with wmode=”opaque” or wmode=”transparent” are not displayed
  • SVG polyline with stroke-width=”0.1″ is not displayed
  • Blending issues when using gradient stroke in SVG
  • Wrong wrap mode on Webgl textures for OpenGL ES
  • WebGL GLSL function “all()” is not supported
  • yahoo.com – photo images show partially
  • SVG drag not started when dragging horizontally
  • A way to see which tab is making Opera slow or unresponsive opera:cpu
  • Zoom in/out in image viewer only for left mouse button with no modifier keys
  • Include “detected language/writing system” in Info panel
  • Support Uint8ClampedArray
  • Add support for paged overflow and GCPM floats (column/page-attached floats)
  • Changes to how Password Manager stores passwords: watch out for regressions

Windows 32-bit / Windows 64-bit | Mac (Universal Binary with 32/64-bit) | Linux/FreeBSD


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