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I got a mail from one of our Aakash, he says :-

Many times I get update notification in my Opera browser, when I download it and try to launch it by double clicking on it then instead of installing update version that setup file extract some files in the same directory. But other setups are installing as they are supposed to do, do I have any virus on my computer?

Ok Aakash I got your problem, first of all a good news for you and its that you don’t have any virus on your PC, actually  it’s a simple problem which is faced by many users. This problem comes when you download your Updates via any Download Manager like IDM or such those.

Companies release updates from time to time to keep users updated, but those updates required some operations to be made before installing it, Like in your case if you download update via Opera’s default update manager then it will download update, stop some services and then it wont install whole application but it just extract files from downloaded update and place it Opera’s directory.

So to solve this problem we advice you not to use your download manager while downloading updates or you can download whole new package of software and install it.

If you are having any other problem then do let us know.


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