Thursday, January 21, 2021


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View Facebook Images stored in Your Browser Cache With FBCacheView

It happens many times that we try to find an image on our Facebook account which we had seen few days before, if too trying to find such image then FBCacheView...

Create Your Own Custom Web Browser Based On Chromium With MakeMyBrowser

Web browser is one of the most important and basic thing if you need to browse internet on any device. But have you ever wondered to create a custom web browser...

Avoid Saving Images In WebP Format In Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome web browser then you might have noticed that by default if you save images from selected websites (mostly Google Product websites) then by default it...

Better Way To Insert Inline Images In Gmail With Iframely

If you use Gmail then you might know that Gmail allows you to preview images or videos from some websites like YouTube, Picasa, Flickr and Yelp. What this means is that...

[How To] Bring Back Google Chrome’s Old New Tab

recently Google has made some changes to its web browser and introduced redesigned new tab in which you will see Google Search along with some thumbnails of most visited pages. If you...

Epic Web Browser, Chromium Based Privacy Protecting Browser

From the launch of Google Chrome which is based on Chromium project, an open source project there are lots of web browsers were released on Chromium like RockMelt but none of...

Finds Videos On Wikipedia Articles With WikiTube

Wikipedia is a nice source of information, you can find almost any sort of information over it but its always recommended that you never ever use it as your main source...

Change Font Of Any Website On Chrome

Some time we visit such sites which fonts are unacceptable and it becomes very hard for us to read story of that site due to poor fonts used by webmaster or...

Install Google Chrome Extension On Opera 15

Recently Opera has ditched its Presto rendering engine and Adopted WebKit rendering engine for its browser. Opera has released Opera 15 which is powered by new rendering engine, it’s the same...

Transform Chrome’s New Tag In Metro Style

Microsoft has introduced Metro Style in Windows 8 and lots of users has loved it very much, due to its sleek look it became popular. Now if you too loved then here...


Microsoft Also Working On Smart Watches Too

Sony has started trend of Smart Watches which is followed by others like Samsung, LG and Apple too, earlier we had reported that Google...