Tuesday, January 21, 2020


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Opera Cost iOS

Opera Coast 4.0 is now available for iOS Devices

First Opera Software introduced Opera Mini web browser, used by 250 million people worldwide, which is best known for the data compression technology and now Opera Software brings that compression technology to...

“Trash Can” Google Chrome Extention To Reopen Close Tabs

It almost happen that you close a tab but after some time you need to reopen that closed tab in Google Chrome,However in Google Chrome you could open last close tab...

Change Facebook Login Page Background [Chrome Only]

Facebook is the largest social networking and most of use visit it many times in a day.I am sure most of are bored by seeing the same blue and white.If yes...

Opera 10.50 Beta Released, Download

Opera Team has released an newer Beta version of its web browser Opera 10.50 Beta.This build is a new build and different from the previous RC build so make sure you...

Watch Hulu And Pandora Contents From Outside US

If you are from Outside US and wants to surf Hulu.Com, Pandora or Netflix then you will get error as these sites are only available for US, but now you can use them from anywhere.

Opera Team Introduced Opera 11.10 aka “Barracuda”

Opera team has made official announcement regarding the upcoming browser Opera 11.10 which is codenamed "Barracuda",This is the first time when Opera has associated any codename with any of its version.Opera...

Opera Released Opera Mail For Windows And Mac

It seems Opera is going to make some major changes in its Opera browser in coming future, as last month they had announced that they will use new Blink rendering engine...

Now Shorten URL Using Goo.Gl From Chrome Toolbar

Recently we had told you that Google Has Made Its URL Shortening Service Public,Now we are going to share an extension which allows you to shorten URL directly from chromes toolbar....

Opera 11 Alpha 1085 Version Out

Opera team has released anew Alpha version of its upcoming browser, Opera 11.Changelog :-DSK-316229 Change default search icon/shortcut back to the favicon/shortcut of the default search provider DSK-316669 Add search suggestions for...

Opera 11.11 Final Version Released

Opera Desktop Team has released the final version of Opera 11.11 aka Swordfish, this is an recommended upgrade offering security and stability enhancements. Following changes have been made in it :- User interface...