Monday, January 18, 2021


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Remove Or Customize Google’s Black Bar

Few days back Google has made a change in its homepage, they had put a black bar on the top, the bar is present in Google homepage from a long time...

Microsoft Postponed launch Of IE9 In Japan Due To Earthquake

Microsoft is going to release IE9 tomorrow for public, but as you know JAPAN is going through a huge disaster as a massive Earthquake hit it on Friday and the Tsunami...

Chrome For iOS Released

Google has released its web browser for Apple iOS device, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, The app can sync your data across all platforms.

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 Released

Mozilla has released the first beta version of its upcoming browser Firefox 4.0,Mozilla has already released so many Alpha builds. Mozilla has officially released the First Beta version and it is available...

Opera Team Introduced Opera 11.10 aka “Barracuda”

Opera team has made official announcement regarding the upcoming browser Opera 11.10 which is codenamed "Barracuda",This is the first time when Opera has associated any codename with any of its version. Opera...

Opera 11.61 Released, Download

Opera team has released the new version of their web browser Opera 11.61. This update fixes several security bugs, that’s why Opera team has recommended all users to update. Opera...

Open Any Page In Text Mode [Chrome]

Many times we need to open some pages which contains lots of banners, images as ads, it not only took lots of time to open due to the source of that...

Opera Released Opera Mail For Windows And Mac

It seems Opera is going to make some major changes in its Opera browser in coming future, as last month they had announced that they will use new Blink rendering engine...

[How To] Turn Off Google Now Notification On Chrome Desktop

Google Now is your personal assistance which gives notification to you, if you had Android smartphone then you must have noticed cards from Google Now regarding weather or sports. If you had...

Offline Link To Download Google Chrome From Official Website

We all know that Google Chrome is a very nice a and fast web browser. But if you download it from Google Chrome's site,you will get a very small applictaion which is...


Winners Of ConvertXtoDvd Giveaway

We had launched a Giveaway a couple of days ago :- “Giveaway” Win ConvertXtoDvd Worth $49.99 And the...