Some time we visit such sites which fonts are unacceptable and it becomes very hard for us to read story of that site due to poor fonts used by webmaster or your eyes might be weak and you want to have bold or bigger fonts on website.

If you too love to see website your own way then Font Changer, a Google Chrome Extension will be beneficial for you, it allows you to change fonts of any website. This extension comes with hundreds of fonts library from which you can select the one which suites you. You can also select Font Style, Font Weight and Font Size also.


Once you install it you will see an icon on your toolbar, just next to your address bar. Now when you want to change font just visit the website and click on that extension icon, you will find a drop down menu from where you can select fonts, font style font size and font weight.


As you select fonts they will be applied instantly and you don’t need to refresh the page. If you want to apply same setting on all pages then select Global Setting and click on Done.

If you want to revert back to original setting then just select No Setting and click on done and you are done with it.

It’s a good utility which will be useful and handy in many situation for you, the best part is that its free and easy to use.


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