Earlier this week when Apple has announced its iOS 7 in WWDC 2013 which has got mixed reaction around the world, many were not happy with icons and color scheme got a surprise when folk over 9To5Mac spotted a set of icons which were different than what Apple has shown and available in Beat version to developers.

Most notabl changes are in Weather App which is now showing current temperature instead of Cloud and Sun, Passbook App has got more muted Green color scheme instead of its old Orange scheme.

Reminder app now has gray background and much muted color scheme, Mail App is now more rounder and Photos icon has got new color palette.

Now these icons are more subtle color scheme instead of the fluorescent colors which we had seen in iOS 7 Beta.

As for now Apple has removed these icons from its mobile website and replaced with familiar one, Its too early to say whether these icons will be seen in final version or not.


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