As you all knows that Apple has introduced a new Voice assistance tool, Siri in its latest version iPhone 4S. You can get almost any information by just asking Siri, When Apple launched iPhone 4S in India, Siri was in question as it might not work with Indian Accent but later it worked fine.

Currently Siri works with English, French, German and Japanese and very soon Apple will made it available on Italian, Chinese, Korean and Spanish too.

But now Kunal @ Twitter has shared a video in which he showed that Siri is not only working with Indian accent but Siri is responding in Hindi. Somehow Kunal connected his iPhone with Google API (might be probable for translation).

To prove his thing he had shared a video on YouTube too.The interesting thing which we see on video is that Kunal is speaking in English but Siri is responding to Kunal in Hindi.

he says lots of work is need to be done before making it public.

Take a look at the video below :-


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