Today Skype has announced beta version of its Skype For Web which alows you to use its instant messaging service right from your web browser. You dont need to open your Skype app or download any plugin or add-on, you can start using chat with your loved ones right from your web browser, all this can be done via Currently this service is supported by Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Skype For Web

You can still make calls from your web browser but it requires a plugin, soon this requirement will be taken away as Skype is working on plugin-free calling by using the WebRTC standard. WebRTC is a project which enables web browsers with Real Time Communications via simple JavaScript APIs. WebRTC project is supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera.

Skype For Web is not available for all users at this time, Skype has said that they are rolling out this new features to some new and existing users and other’s will get it soon.

This is a good move by the Skype as earlier for making calls or if you want to send message then you have to install a separate app on your machine and then only you can do stuffs but by this move, you can ditch installing app and can start using its services right from your browser.

Its a good move by company, what you think is it a good move or you still like to use your app for making calls or for chatting, do share your feedback in comment section.


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