Microsoft has launched Windows 8 RTM for MSDN and TechNet users and soon will be available for general users too. Windows 8 comes with lots of enhancements and new things. The most noticeable and biggest change is that Microsoft has removed Start Menu and introduced Start Screen.

Lots of users has loved this move and so are not happy with Start Screen as to access it you have to leave your desktop and some time you don’t want to leave your desktop but want to access start screen.

Start Menu Modifier is an freeware tool which allows you to bring your Start Screen on your desktop. It shows Start Screen in a panel like form either at the top of screen or at bottom. It can work too if you are using multiple computer.


You can also assign Hot Keys to it so that you can access it using them. As you can see in below screenshot it has put start screen at the top and you can perform all actions like search, scroll to different apps and so on.


Overall its an nice app and very useful if you love to customize your Windows 8 machine.




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