As we all know that Mac OS X lion comes with iOS like feature LunchPad, it’s a nice feature and it allows you to navigate to your shortcuts on your home screen.

We had already shared tool called WinLaunch which provides same feel on your Windows computer, now we are here with another similar tool.

XLaunchpad is created by xwidgetsoft at DA, its an portable tool means you don’t need to install it, just download and get ready to enjoy LaunchPad feature on your computer.


To use it, just download and then run the EXE file, once you run it you will get Launchpad feature on your desktop, to hide it click on your desktop or Taskbar.

If you need to open it just press hotkey F12 or double click on it icon from System tray. You can right click tray icon for more settings,etc like adjust icons size and spacing , Enabled background blur.

To add shortcuts you need to drag and drop items on XLaunchpad, or you can create folders by dragging and dropping shortcuts above each other. If you hold your left mousebutton down on an shortcut then it will activate Jiggle-EditMode, Click the little “X” button in the top left corner to delete shortcut item.

This tool can be used on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.




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