Tracking a phone is not a big thing nowadays, all thanks to GPS or WiFi or cellular towers which helps you to track almost any phone on this planet, but this can be done when phone is switched on but can you trace a turned off phone?


Well in a simple word you must say it cant be possible as GPS or Cellular network needs internet or network connection to be able to get traced. But a report from Washington Post says that NSA can trace a switch off phones too.

This is not new to NSA, they are doing this from 2004 and this technique is called as “The Find”. Report doesn’t tell us more about this like how it can be done.

Any phone needs to send out signals to get traced from any organization, so the possible way to trace a phone is by infecting it by some virus so that even if phone is turned off it still sends signals out of it so that it can be traced.

Another way to trace these phone is by installing a separate chip on phone and attach it to battery so that it can get power. So if phone is off, the extra chip is still getting power and can send signals from it. But once battery is removed from phone it cant be traced in any way as phone is not getting any power which is must to get traced.

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