If you love Mac OS X Lion then you must know one of its awesome feature called LaunchPad, it provides a iOS like feature on your Mac OS X Lion’s home screen.

If you want to enjoy same LaunchPad feature on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you can easily get it by using WinLaunch, and easy to use app.

It’s a portable utility created by MrC0rrupted at DA, WinLaunch starts by minimized to bring it up press your configured hotkeys by default its Shift+Tab.


To add items in WinLaunch press F and then drag and drop items into the window, to swipe between pages just drag with your right mouse button.

Single left mouse click launches apps and opens folders, holding the mouse down on an item starts the Jiggle mode in which you can move, delete items and create folders.

You can create folder by just dragging an item on top of another one. You can repeat this process to create another one.

To move an item out of a folder, drag it up or down until the folder closes. To close a folder click outside of it.

Keyboard Shortcuts :-

  • ESC :- Exit WinLaunch
  • F :- Toggle full screen / window mode
  • Left/Right :- Switch between pages
  • F3 :- Toggle Jiggle mode
  • Space :- End Jiggle mode

You can anytime change the hotkeys by entering into the settings, if anything went wrong then don’t panic just press CTRL+WIN+ALT+F12 to bring it up in windowed mode and edit your settings.


P.S. To use it you must have Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0


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