Many times we want that our computer shut down after a fix interval so that we can save power and our computer is not running without and need.

We had shared a cool tool Auto-Lock, but seems developer has shut down its web site and tool is not more available for download.

So here we are with another tool with more functionality,  ShutDown Scheduler or just SDS, as from name you may know that this tool will schedule your Shutdown Time of your computer, and it lets you shut down your computer by setting a time.

Its easy to use tool and provide many options to set shutdown time of your computer, like if you are copying some files on your USB and this will take long time then you can set the SDS to shut down computer once copying is finished.


In first option you set any time period and then clock will start and once the time is finished your will be shut down, in second option you can set a time and if your computer is idle for that time period then application will close the computer.

At Specific Time means you can set your computer to shut down at a specific time period like 2 AM, 5 AM and so on.


In the last option you can set SDS to shut down computer when it stops playing any kind of sound, like you are watching a movie over night and you think you might fell asleep during the movie, so just set this option and once movie is finished and computer stop playing sound it will be shut down.



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