25 years ago Microsoft had launched the first OS, Windows 1.0, Of its Windows family which changed the way of computing.

Before computers people used to works on typewriters.But a college drop out,Bills Gates with his friend Paul Allen had take an initiative a introduced the world with a new era.

First Bill and Paul with Steve Ballmer made MS-DOS, which stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System,

Recently Microsoft shared an article which shares the journey of Windows,

Here I tries to tell you all about the History of Windows,many points was missed in the Microsoft’s article so I had added it here.

Windows 1.0

Windows 1.0 But on 20 November 1985 Windows 1.0 which is a 16-bit graphical operating environment that was released.Now you don’t need to type every single command in MS-DOS to execute any work.

Now you can use your mouse and click on the windows to take away any task.

Many other useful programs like Notepad, Calculator, Ms Paint, Clock etc to make your day to day life easy.

Later on Windows 1.04 which was released on April 1987 VGA graphical adapters were added.

Microsoft supported Windows 1 till 31 December 2001.

Windows 2.0

Windows 2.0On December 9 of 1987 released Windows 2.0 to succeed Windows 1.0.It was also a 16 bit graphical OS.

The graphics was improved in this version and now you can overlap each other windows unlike in Windows 1.0, which could display only tiled windows.

It supports more sophisticated keyboard-shortcuts and the terminology of “Minimize” and “Maximize”.

Microsoft had revealed control panel first time in Windows 2.0.

Windows 2.0 was released for support of Intel 286 processor, soon Intel launched next version of processor, Intel 386 and Microsoft also launched Windows/286.

Then Microsoft had launched many versions of Windows 2.0.

On March 1988 Apple has filed a case on Microsoft for violating copyright.Apple said that Microsoft had taken look and feel of its Mac OS which was protected by copyright.

In 1988, Microsoft becomes the world’s largest PC software company based on sales.

Windows 3.0

Windows 3.0Microsoft released Windows 3.0 on May 22 of 1990.It is the OS which make itself in homes of people,It is the most widely used Windows yet!

This OS allowed users to use 256 color adapter whereas earlier version only supports 16 colors.

This version includes some games like Solitaires(It was still there in Windows 7) , Hearts and Minesweeper.

Windows NT

Windows NTWindows NT was released on 22 July of 1993, It was a powerful high-level-language-based, processor-independent, multiprocessing, multiuser operating system.

Windows 95

Windows 95On 24 August 1995, Microsoft launched Windows 95,The most noticeable update in this version was that it now support for long file names of up to 255 characters.

Microsoft had done a lot to make it public,They spend a lot the advertisement of Windows 95.

Windows 95 has built-in Internet support, dial-up networking, and new Plug and Play capabilities that make it easy to install hardware and software.

In Windows 95 world sees first time Start menu, taskbar, and minimize, maximize, and close buttons on each window.

Initially Windows 95 was shipped Without Internet Explorer.At the released of Windows 95, Internet Explorer was there but due to some reason Microsoft did not included it,Later on it was a part of add-on package Plus! for Windows 95.

Microsoft supports ends for Windows 95 on 31 Dec. 2001

Windows 98

Windows 98First let me tell you one thing,This is the OS which I used for the first time.I started my journey of Tech from this OS.

The RTM was on 15 May 1998 and on June 25 1998 Microsoft released Windows 98,It was the first OS designed for specific consumers.

It has TCP/IP,and the main development made is that this OS now can read DVD’s and supports USB’s.

First time Microsoft introduced the option Quick Launch in this which allows you to launch your useful apps quickly without opening Start Menu.

Microsoft also launched Windows 98 Plus on 5 May 1999.

Its supports ends on 11 July 2006.

Windows 2000

Windows 2000It was released on 17 February 2000,It was designed to replace Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 on personal computers, business desktops, laptops, and servers.

After its launch Windows Me was launched but it was never seen or even not intended by Microsoft as the replacement of Windows 2000.

Many editions was launched of Windows 2000 like Windows 2000 Professional Edition, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Sever and Windows Datacenter Server.

Microsoft ended its support on 13 July 2010.

Windows ME!

Windows MEOn September 14, 2000 Microsoft released Windows ME, here ME stands for Millennium Edition.It was specially designed for home users.

Microsoft introduced System Restore first time in this OS,It allows you to configure your PC to the date before the problem occurs.

Windows Media Player was enhanced in this OS and Windows Movie Maker also comes with lots of new features.

Its supports ended on 11 July 2006.

Windows Xp

Windows XPOn 25 October 2001, Microsoft released Windows Xp which changed the whole era and becomes one of the most widely used and most profitable Windows for Microsoft.

Here XP refers to eXPerience.It was the first consumer-oriented operating system produced by Microsoft to be built on the Windows NT kernel.

Microsoft had released 3 Service Pack of Windows Xp.Microsoft emphasis more on Help and Support.

It has the whole new look and design and a clean interface.First Microsoft had released Windows XP Home Edition which is mainly developed for Home users.

Later Windows XP Professional Edition was launched which comes up with lots of security add-on, performance was enhanced.

Users in Windows XP gets lots of themes and icons online which makes their work on XP more exciting.

Demote desktop feature was added some features was enhanced like System Restore etc.It was Stable, usable, and fast version of Windows Family.

Microsoft launched many version of Windows XP like Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

Windows Vista

Windows VistaMicrosoft released Windows Vista on October 22, 2009,Microsoft put its main emphasis on the Security.

UAC (User Account Control) was introduced in which it ask for your permission before making changes to your computer.BitLocker was also introduced in Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

It was shipped with a new and sleek Windows Media Player 11,Windows Media Center has been introduced with a new avatar.

According to look wise Sidebar was introduced, Windows Aero comes, Backup and Restore Center,Windows DVD Maker, Parental controls etc.

But Windows Vista was fail to repeat the success story of Windows XP and those who had purchased new PC which comes with Windows Vista started rolling back to Windows XP.

Windows 7

Windows 7Microsoft released Windows 7 October 22, 2009,After the failure Of Windows Vista Microsoft has to take a big step and a risk too, What if it also becomes as same as Windows Vista but users all around the world started using and they loved the new OS released from Microsoft.

It has got 8 million beta testers worldwide before it’s released.

The main reason of the popularity of Windows 7 was that its look was very new and nice.Microsoft for the first time introduced Aero Peek, Aero Shake and Aero Snap.

Windows Touch also comes first time in it.It is the fastest Windows yet,Microsoft has put Animated boot screen in Windows 7 for the first time.

That’s It.I hope you liked this article and love reading this.

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