In this modern world of internet its easy to know what’s happening at the other corner of tech world and all this is few fingertips away from you, but If you find it difficult to keep visiting your favorite website on hourly basis so that you can keep track of latest happening then there is an app which can help you, its Appy Geek. Its an tech news aggregator from News Republic, which collect news from all across the internet or from your favorite website and serve news that are best for you and you like.

Appy Geek

News Republic has more than 1200 partners and pull thousands of stories from them for you, what we like in this Appy Geek app is that you can customize the home screen and select the channels or topics from which you want news to be shown when you launch this app. This app also allows you to share news with your friends, if you like any story the you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or send it through eMail and many more.

Appy Geek TagNav Share

This app is build on the same engine which is used by News Republic, and it carries many of the same feature which you might have seen on News Republic like 3D word cloud or TagNav Explorer which allows you to find related stories easily. When you are on any story just press TagNav button placed on the top right side of the page, and once you do this you will see all related tags floating on the screen.

You can even customize this app and select the topic and source from where you want news and rest will be done by app, it will fetch stories for you on the based on your selection. You can short stories on the basis of votes that story has received or the views it has got. Your selected stories will be shown under One Feed section on home screen. This app also allows you to save stories for offline use which comes very handy in many situations

This app will learn from you on the basis of stories you read on it, and it is good, in our test it shows stories on the basis of what we have read in past and it gave smarter suggestion to us.  If you love Windows Phone tile interface then you will love this app also, as it has got the same tiled interface to show stories, it do seems nice to us.

Final Verdict On Appy Geek :-

Appy Geek is a nice and useful app for those who cant check their favorite website regularly but wants to stay updated with all latest news. It can send notifications to you when they find a relevant story for you, however we did find an issue with this app is that on the basis of our usage it learnt our topics but when it suggested stories we found that those are very generic topics. Overall its a nice and useful app with simple and attractive UI.

Appy Geek Android App
Reviewed by Rahul Sharma on May 31 2015
Rating: 4.5


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