Yesterday Microsoft has released Preview version of Windows 8.1 and most of you might had downloaded and installed it on your computer but if you are having Intel Atom processor PC or tablet then you might not be able to get it work.

Microsoft has announced that there are some problem with Intel’s new 32Bit Atom processor and they are working on it to fix it soon.

Below mention tablets or PC might not work with Windows 8.1 :-

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2
  • ASUS VivoTab TF810C
  • Samsung ATIV Smart PC
  • HP ElitePad 900
  • HP ENVY x2
  • Fujitsu ARROWS Tab

Please check this space regularly for more updates on this.


  1. Take that MSFT, I installed the 8.1 Preview on my Ativ Smart PC, works like a charm. You should really not exclude certain demographics of your user base from receiving updates, it ticks them off and unfortunately, not everyone is technically inclined to show you the finger back. You suck for it.

      • Hi Rahul,

        Yes, everything works, but for minor niggles that are obviously driver related. I have been using this OS as my main OS now since release, have had quite the ride. It definitely is WAY more polished than 8.

        Connected standby sometimes does not resume, requiring a hard reboot. That’s basically it. The rest works. I even installed Star Craft Brood War and it is working. 🙂


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