Today morning when I started my work I tried to access my website, TechnoArea, but my Opera browsers through me error and cant open my page.

Then I tried to access with Chrome, IE, Safari and at last Mozilla Firefox but nothing work fine for me, then I think it might be network problem and then I tried to open some other website but they loaded fine, this made me scratch my head.

If you face same problem and cant access a particular site then here is the step by step procedure to access it.

Step 1 :- Check Website Is Up or Not

The first thing you need to do is check whether the site you are trying to access up or not, sometime it may happen that server of that site is down, so for this first check the status of web site.

Step 2 :- Restart Modem And Router

If that web site is up and you still facing problem then try to restart your modem, router and your computer too. Now check whether your problem is gone or not, if not then don’t fear proceed.

Step 3 :- Clear Cookies

Try to clear your web browsers cookies, catch and internet histories too, and restart your web browser.

Step 4 :- Temporarily Disable Protection

If you are using any Anti-Virus and third party firewall then try to disable it, then restart your web browser and try to access that site again.

Step 5 :- Check Your Host File

It might happened that some third party app had tweaked with your hosts file and it might caused your system to disable that web site, if its there then delete it from there and your problem should be gone. If not then go ahead

Step 6 :- Find Loophole In Connection

As you might know that your request for a website goes from many servers, so the problem might be in any of then, do a traceroute of that particular web site and see what is problem so that you can fix it.

Step 7 :- Clear DNS Catch

Open your command prompt and type :-

ipconfig /displaydns

If that particular web site is listed in it then flush your dns and your problem should be gone, to flush your DNS type following in command prompt :-

ipconfig /flushdns

You can easily switch top Open DNS, Google DNS or any other DNS using DNS jumper. If problem is not solved then go ahead.

Step 8 :- Reboot Modem

Open address on your web browser and login with your account and reboot your modem, it might take 10-15 seconds, after reboot of modem, reboot your computer and again check.

Step 9 :- Remove All Wires from Modem

Well now try to remove all wires from your modem/router and reconnect them after 20-30 seconds, and try again.

Step 10 :- Reset Modem To Factory Setting

Pick up your modem and find a small button behind it, it can be too tiny that you might need to use some pointed thing like pen or pencil to press it, press it down for 10-15 seconds and all lights of your modem go down leaving power light on.

Modem will reboot to its factory setting and try again.

Final Step :- Call Your ISP

We had tried almost every possible things which can bring that site working on your computer, if by following above steps you couldn’t able to get that site on your computer then you are left with no other option then calling your ISP.