Bitdefender-Total-Security-2012-Logo Today I had got BitDefender 2012 Total Security for review and then I had installed it on my Windows computer, after installing the first thing which I noticed is that it had added Virus Vault entry in my context menu, both in desktop and file or folder, using this you can add any file or any folder into the Virus Vault you had created or can create any virus vault.

Remove BitDefender Context Menu

You might hardly ever use that option, so it means its there for no work but it makes your context menu long and it takes time to load.

If you wanna remove it from there and wanna make your context menu simple and short then you need to tweak with your Registry Entries.

You don’t need to do anything as you might end with messing your registry entry, so that’s why I had created a pack of them, you just download it and then extract Registry files from it and install which you want.



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