Earlier this month Apple has released update for its iPhone, iPad and iPod user by launching iOS 7 which brings many changes and new interface and lots of new features, but some iOS 7 users are complaining about battery draining, which I too feels sometime.


If you too using iOS 7 and facing battery draining problem then these iOS 7 battery saving tips can save you :-

  • Disable Air Drop :- Apple has introduced this new Air Drop feature which keeps looking for nearby iPhone, it runs in background, if you don’t need it then turn it off.
  • Turn Off WiFi :- If you are not using WiFi then turn it off, WiFi is one of the biggest battery draining feature.
  • Turn Off Bluetooth :- If you are not using Bluetooth then turn it off too.
  • Turn Off Location Service :- Apple has introduce a feature in which location service runs in background and sends log to apps which needs it, if you are not using any of those app which needs locations then turn it off.
  • Disable Siri :- Believe it or not but Siri is one of the core part of iOS 7 and it runs in background, if you don’t use it frequently then turn it off.
  • Disable Settings from Notification Center :- You can trun off apps from notification center which you don’t use like weather and stocks.
  • Disable 3D or Live Wallpaper :- iOS 7 comes with 3D or live wallpapers which uses lots of battery juice, you have option to turn it off and save battery
  • Dim Screen light :- If you are using bright screen then it will use lots of battery, set screen light which is suitable to you.
  • Turn background app refresh :- many apps refresh themselves in background whenever they get WiFi Or Cellular Or Location service, you can turn this off and save battery.
  • Turn off Automatic Date/Time Update :- It uses your devices location service to determine and update it, you can turn it off.

Hope these iOS 7 battery saving tips will help you to save your battery juice, do you have any other tip, share it with all using comment section.


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