We are blogging on TechnoArea from a long time, we had changed the layout of this blog to make it more user friendly and minimal. We had implemented lots of SEO tricks and security measures in it to make it more simple for search engines to find and crawl it.

We are proud to present our first ever WordPress theme for all of you. Theme is fully optimized and SEO friendly, You can see screenshot here.

Snap 2012-09-18 at 20.05.35

Few features of tA Theme :-

  • SEO friendly,
  • Uses different sidebar on homepage and post page,
  • Uses pagination,
  • Pagination in comments too,
  • Has breadcrumb
  • Has smooth scrolling option from bottom to top in footer,
  • And lots more.

You are free to use this theme on your wordpress blog, Do report us any bug if you find it.

Download tA


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