With the launch of iPhone 5, by Apple in US all Apple fanboys want to get their hands on it, but the problem with iPhone is that it uses Nano SIM which is currently not sold by any carriers here in India.

TechnoArea has got some news regarding Nano SIM, Indian Carriers has already placed orders for Nano SIM, Almost all carriers like AirTel, Vodafone, AirCel, RCom has placed order for Nano SIM and if everything go on path then we will be able to get Nano SIM by October end.

We are also getting news that if you change your current SIM with Nano or buy new Nano SIM then carrier will also provide 2 adapter with which you will be able to convert your Nano SIM into Micro Or Standard SIM.

Apple is going to launch iPhone 5 on 21 September in 9 countries, then a week later on 28 September in 22 more countries and then in 100 countries in December. If you are in India then you have to wait till December to get iPhone 5.


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