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Install WhatsApp Sharing Button On Websites

Its no doubt every webmaster loves when its readers share its post with their friends or family members, when a blog post is shared it generates more traffic and create a trust on blog. Its always recommended to install or provide social sharing options on your blog post so that it will be easy for

[How To] Move From Blogger To WordPress Without Losing Traffic And Google Rank

Blogger and WordPress are the most widely used blogging platform out there, if you are looking for free solution then Blogger might be the best blogging solution but if you want to host blogs on your own platform then WordPress will wins the battle. Recently one of my friend who were using Blogger from quite

Installed WordPress, Here Are Some Important Post WordPress Installation Tips

Ok, you have installed WordPress, now what? How you can optimize to get best out of it. Actually installing WordPress is very easy, it will hardly take 2-3 minutes to get started, most of the hosting providers allows you to install WordPress with just one click.   Here we had listed some WordPress post installation

Protect WordPress Login Page with Htaccess

If you keep track on online news then you must know that in recent times there were many attacks on WordPress powered blogs and most of them are through either Brute Force Attack or from Dictionary Attack. Some servers block malicious activities and block Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack and block that IP address some a

Few WordPress Admin Panel Hacks You Must Know

No doubt WordPress is the most widely used CMS around the world, most of the popular blogs on web runs on it. If you too use WordPress and wants to customize your admin panel then here are few hacks or tricks which you can use to stand uniquely. At this time WordPress has already reached

[Full Guide] Install YOURLS And Create Your Own Short URL Service

Nowadays you must be using short URL service like bit.ly or goo.gl to shorten any long URL so that you will be able to share those short URL across various social networking sites like Twitter which has word limit. There are several online services which allows you to convert any but what about your own

[Solved] Feedburner Feeds Not Updating

Few days ago suddenly my feeds stop updating themselves, as I was using Feedburner to burn my feeds so thought it could be temporarily issue from Feedburner end but after few days issue was same so I thought to investigate. By default Feedburner check your blog in every 30 minutes to check some new entries

[How To] Uninstall WordPress W3 Total Cache Plugin

WordPress is a nice CMS tool and this site too runs on WordPress earlier we had shared must have WordPress plugins and one of them was W3 Total Cache Plugin which reduces your website load time by caching it. W3 Total Cache is one of the most downloaded and top rated plugin on WordPress directory

tAresponsive, Free Responsive Theme From TechnoArea

Few months ago we had released a free theme for our readers, from that day we had received lots of queries and suggestions to make Responsive theme. If you don’t know about responsive then let me me give you a brief overview, as its name says everything, a responsive theme is that theme which respond

[How To] Display Trackbacks And Pingbacks In WordPress With Disqus

No doubt that WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging and CMS tool, this blog to runs on WordPress, in actual WordPress comes with a very basic comments system that’s why most blogs go for another commenting system like Disqus. Disqus is very popular and nice commenting system but there is one problem