Few days ago suddenly my feeds stop updating themselves, as I was using Feedburner to burn my feeds so thought it could be temporarily issue from Feedburner end but after few days issue was same so I thought to investigate.

By default Feedburner check your blog in every 30 minutes to check some new entries or posts but in my case its checking once in a day which is not good.

Here are some steps which you need to take to fix non updating Fedburner Feeds :-

Ping your Feed

The first option with you is to ping your feed, as we had already told you that your feeds are updated in 30 minutes interval but if you ping your feeds then they will be updated instantly.


I did this but this fails to solve my issue so I have to move to next option.

Resync Your Feed

On your account’s Troubleshootize page you can scroll down and then you will find Resyc Your Feed option, it will delete all your feeds cache and refill it with all new contents.

We click it but again nothing happened, so now I was sure that there is no issue outside my server, I have to look for solution within my server.

Caching feeds

I am using Total Cache plugin to cache my contents and then I realized that few days ago I had enabled Feeds cache option under it which might be the issue, then I head to my plugin page and disable feeds cache.


After disabling I check it but nothing has happened, to give a last try I disabled this plugin and then try to Resync Feeds and wwwoooooohhhhoooooo it worked, I thought now it will work but as soon as I enabled Total Cache plugin issue occurs again. I try to delete all cache but the issue was not solved.

Till now I was sure that this issue is due to Total Cache plugin. To give another try I uninstalled this plugin and again installed it and to my luck issue was solved and my feeds are working fine.

Are you facing any issue, feel free to share with us and we could help you.


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