Many times when we are working on computer and our phone is away from you, might be on charging or just laying on table and you might get notifications and then you have to get up and check what has come into your phone.

Many times you are not allowed to look into your phone while working, so if you spend all your time on computer then you can use a simple app called Desktop Notifications which uses browser notification feature and notifies you on your desktop about all notification which you get on your Android phone or tablet.

All you have to do is download Desktop Notifications app on your Android device and then you need to install Add-On on your Firefox or extension on your Google Chrome.


Once installed, open app on your Android device and first you need to enable it from Accessibility and enable it, then you need to enter code on your desktop browser and that’s it. You are done, you can check whether everything is worked correct or not, for this you can press test button and if you receive notification on desktop then you had done a great job


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