Cloud storage is one of the most important thing which plays an important role, there are lots of online service which provide cloud storage to you, some are paid and some are free, and some comes with both options like DropBox whoch gives 2Gb of free storage, Google Drive which gives 15GB of free storage and if you want more than you will always has an option to buy more cloud storage.

Google Drive Security Check

On this Safer Internet Day Google has decided to giveaway free 2GB of permanent cloud storage to its users on Google Drive. Basically anyone who completes security checkup by February 17 will get additional 2GB storage.

This checkup ensures that you accounts recovery and accounts information’s are correct and up to date. It takes just a couple of minutes, here’s what it does:

  • Ensures your account recovery information is current :- If Google detect suspicious activity in your account, they will use your recovery info to get in touch and make sure no one but you gains access.
  • Lets you review recent sign-in activity :- Reviewing this lets you validate the sign-ins are coming from you and not someone who shouldn’t be using your credentials.
  • Confirms the apps and devices that access some account information :- This step lets you monitor this list and remove apps and devices that don’t need access to your account any more.

Company will be granting bonus storage on 28th February, so one you have complete above steps you have to wait for this date and on that date you will get your bonus storage.


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