In this era you can download a pirated movie from any of the torrent website and watch it, but have you ever wondered if you could watch them without downloading, by streaming like we do in Netflix??

If yes then your dream is over, Popcorn Time is a freeware, currently in it beta phase allows you to watch movies. To use this all you need to do is download and install it, search for a movie and click on Watch It Now, and your movie will starts in couple of seconds.

In sort you could say that Popcorn Time stream torrent files which are being available for download from various torrent sites but instead of downloading that file using any of its BitTorrent client and then playback, Popcorn does all things in background and allows you to stream movies.


In our test we were able to watch movies, sometime movies playback is not good but its in beta we could expect more in its stable version. As its open source we could hope it will hit Apple TV and Google TV.

A Popcorn Time developer has said :-

“The technology behind the app is very simple. We consume a group of APIs, one for the torrents, another for the movie info, and another for the poster. We also have an API for the subtitles. Everything is automated, we don’t host anything, but take existing information and put it together”

As movies are not hosted anywhere on any server and don’t make any money from the program, that’s why Popcorn developers are not expecting any legal issues.


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